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Greenhouse Supplies

Choose from a wide selection of greenhouse supplies including heaters, fans, misting systems, grow lights, benches, controls, shade, and much more.

Greenhouse Fans & Ventilation Equipment -
Ventilation is the single most important requirement for a greenhouse. It has two important purposes: providing fresh air, mainly carbon dioxide, to plants and cooling for the greenhouse. Without good ventilation, a greenhouse is nothing more than a solar furnace. We offer a great selection of exhaust fans, circulation, fans, vent openers, and more.

Greenhouse Heaters - The heating requirements of a greenhouse depend on the desired temperature for the plants grown, the location and construction of the greenhouse, and the total outside exposed area of the structure. Much of the daily heat requirement may come from the sun, but if you want your greenhouse to be more than a few degrees above the outside temperature at night, you will need to provide it with a heat source. Choose from our great selection of propane, natural gas, and electric greenhouse heaters.

Greenhouse Misting & Cooling - Misting and evaporative cooling systems are used in conjunction with ventilation systems and shade to create maximum cooling in the greenhouse. We offer greenhouse misting systems, evaporative coolers, and accessories to automate them.

Greenhouse Climate Controls - Our greenhouse controls can be used to automate any electrical equipment based on temperature, humidity, and/or time.

Greenhouse Grow Lights - Use grow lights to provide supplemental light in a greenhouse. We offer many different types to fit every need and budget.

Greenhouse Benches - Choose from a variety of plastic and metal frame greenhouse benches all at economical prices.

Greenhouse Electrical Supplies - Installing a waterproof electrical supply in your greenhouse is recommended and required in many areas. We provide an extensive selection of waterproof electrical boxes, conduit, wire, and more.

Greenhouse Shade & Plastic - Shade covers are the way professional growers keep their greenhouses cool during those long hot summers. They block a percentage of the sun's rays from entering the greenhouse which can reduce temperatures over 20% alone. We offer superior shade material in many colors and sizes. We also offer greenhouse polyethylene coverings cut to order.




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