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Helpful Greenhouse Guides

Get the information you need to purchase the best greenhouse for your application and equip it with the right supplies with our greenhouse guides and helpful tools.

Greenhouse Buying Guide -
An extensive guide with tips on greenhouse selection & location and information about greenhouse coverings and frames.

Greenhouse Supplies Guide - Learn about what equipment it takes to maintain a greenhouse and general information about greenhouse ventilation, misting, shading, heating, flooring, and benches.

Greenhouse Grow Light Guide - Learn about the different types of artificial lights used for growing plants and a section describing sunlight's effect on plant growth.

Greenhouse Foundation Guide - Learn about building a greenhouse foundation. Guide includes installation instructions for three types of foundations for a greenhouse.

Greenhouse Fan Calculator - Use this tool to find out what size fan and shutters you need for your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Heater Calculator - Use this tool to determine the heating needs for a greenhouse in your area.

Greenhouse Fuel Consumption & Heating Cost Calculator - Use this tool to determine the amount of electricity, propane, or natural gas your greenhouse will use during the winter or per month.

Greenhouse Surface Area Calculator - Use this tool to determine the amount of exposed surface area your greenhouse has. This is helpful when using the heating calculators and figuring how much material is needed to cover your greenhouse.




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